Peace of mind for today and the road ahead.

Depending on the client's scenario and desires, D Street can facilitate one or both of the below.  For planning, some may already have a current financial plan that simply needs to be understood and implemented;  others may have an antiquated plan requiring updates or need to develop their first plan entirely.  For investing and portfolio management, some may be seeking guidance on their current strategy or a second opinion, while others may be looking to pivot due to a life event, such as changing careers, a business exit, or a family dynamic.

Regardless of where you are in the process, D Street can help.

Planning and implementation are two phases of the ongoing management cycle in which D Street engages clients.  Your goal-driven, desired future is what fuels your plan, and your plan is what drives your investments and portfolio.  Without a goal-driven plan, an investment strategy lacks the context required to understand whether it's serving you in the way you require.  

Financial Planning

D Street offers Phase 1, financial planning, at both an hourly and flat-fee rate to help provide organization, analysis, clarity, and decision-making around one's current scenario, goals, and desired future.  A plan helps frame strengths as well as gaps, deficiencies, and risks, and conveys recommended actions, which the client can implement independently or with the help of D Street in Phase 2.  D Street will review an existing plan, where applicable, or will start from the ground-up.

Often times, financial planning is simply "life planning", and in many cases, it's helpful to have an objective 3rd party who cares about you and your success to help you along the journey.

Investment Management

Phase 2 is a fee-only, ongoing implementation and management of one's financial plan.  D Street helps to drive forward client's financial plan's recommendations.  This may involve engaging insurance, tax, or estate specialists.  As part of ongoing management, D Street conducts portfolio investment management for clients with a key focus on strategy, decision-making, and navigating current events with an educated, data-based approach that keeps client's long-term goals in focus. 

For many, it's worthwhile and helpful simply to have a 3rd party acting as fiduciary, keeping focus on your goals and navigating periods of market volatility, changes in current events, or personal decision points. 

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